Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod Kit 8 Mode W/Quick Scope, Drop Shot & More

Xbox 360 rapid fire mod kit 8 mode w/quick scope, drop shot & more


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Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod Kit.
Its a 8 mode, has Akimbo, drop shot, zombie lock, mimic & auto aim and quick scope. Works perfect for all call of duty games, battlefield & more.
This mod requires soldering and opening your controller. It also includes a tutorial. This mod only works for CG & CG2 Controller Boards, We will be happy to show you how you can tell what type yoiu have, just message us.

Item Includes:
- 1 8 Mode RF Micro Chip
- 1 Tactical Button
- 1 10k Resistor
- 2ft 30 awg Wire
- 1 330 ohm Resistor

8 Mode Rapid Specs:
1st Mode 8sps
2nd Mode 10sps
3rd Mode 11sps
4th Mode Akimbo ( dual 10sps )
5th Mode Drop Shot
6th Mode Auto Aim
7th Mode Zombie Lock
8th Mode Quick Scope

This mod might need manual calibration once mod installed, or on the feature. Easy to do, Info on the Tutorial.

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